Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pizza Roulette!

I've accepted a challenge to play a game of Pizza Roulette! You can read over the challenge HERE! It's like Russian Roulette, except that instead of a bullet, one slice of pizza will be loaded up with a Ghost Pepper. So it's actually a bit worse than Russian Roulette.

Here are the rules:

  • Buy Pizza
  • Load one slice of pizza with the ghost pepper (one of the world's hottest peppers, you can buy this online or at some shops)
  • Cook it!
  • Put the pizza onto any object that spins well and will hold the whole pizza comfortably.
  • Spin the pizza around.
  • Eat the slice facing you.
  • Hope that the slice isn't loaded with pure agony.
  • If you cannot prove that you have put the ghost pepper on the pizza, no gold for you. You can't use any other type of chilli.

  • Reward: One month of Reddit Gold.

    Seems simple enough. Here I go!

    Bonus Round! Rules are:

    •  Do not drink milk/any other substance that stops chilli pain within a minute of eating the slice of doom.
    • Eat the entire slice of pizza with the chilli on. No crapping out after one or two bites.
    • No screaming/moaning in agony.
    • After eating the cursed slice (and before drinking anything to cure the pain), you must cry out the following: "/u/ConsiderablyMediocre is the greatest, I can not thank him any more for placing this wonderful gift upon me!"
    • Play black metal in the background while playing, to prove your manliness. You must sing along to it after eating the slice and before drinking anything to cure the pain. Whether you do this before or after proclaiming your love for me is your choice.
    • Also mention Ol_Dirty_Man.
    Reward: Two months of Reddit Gold, a hand written congratulatory letter, and a hand drawn depiction of my suffering.

    This was a bit more of a challenge. The song playing in the background in Infinite Fields of Mind, by Abigail Williams. Enjoy!

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