Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Failed Street Magic

Temporarily_Alone has issued a challenge

Here are the rules:

  1. Approach people in the street asking them if they want to help you with a card trick, sleight of hand or something.
  2. Set up the trick however you want (have them pick a card or whatever).
  3. Go through the motions of a trick, but at the end it just doesn't work out on purpose (wrong card, sleight doesn't work, etc.). But then you ACT like it was really successful and blew everyone's mind. ("Is this your card?" "N.." "BAZINGA! I did it again, Oh yea!") Then act all pompous and just let the person awkwardly walk away while you are gloating and showing off to the camera and everyone else.
  4. Video needs to be original and made after this post. Don't just link to an existing video from someone else.
The Reward: 4 months of Reddit Gold!

 So here's a video of me just outside of the local college embarrassing myself with failed magic tricks!

Temporarily_Alone said that the more awkward the better, so I decided to have some real fun with the last one. Hopefully, I didnt break any rules...

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