Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two Minute Deck Memorization: First Attempt!

Ok, so today I was going to try to memorize a deck of cards. Failure was fully expected, but I have to admit, I thought I would do better than I did.

I've always had terrible memory. I once borrowed a book from someone called Improving Your Memory for Dummies but I never remembered to read it and eventually lost it. That's not a joke. True story.

So here was my first attempt to memorize a shuffled deck of cards.

It didn't go well. I decided to try to work my way up to a whole deck like I worked my way up to the Ghost Pepper. So I tried to do the challenge again with only one suit. Again, failure was expected, but I did get about as far as I thought I would...

So I don't know. This is looking like a long road ahead...

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