Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two Minute Deck Memorization: Three Suits!

I just memorized three quarters of a deck of cards. It took me about four minutes to do it, but I did it and I'm moving on to memorizing a full deck. I'm not too worried about the time for now. I'll whittle that down once I get a full deck done.

What's interesting about this whole endevour is that I can see myself figuring out little tricks and loopholes to let me get my time lower and lower. 

There's so many things about the way I initially approached this challenge which were not only unneccesary, but actually detrimental to my success.

That's pretty exciting, and it's been exciting to see my capacity to remember cards grow as I put these tricks into practice. These tricks are nothing super genius, and nothing to brag about, but in the next few days, when I start talking about the process, I'll point out how my strategy has changed over time.

My fastest time with half a deck (2:36 min) was actually way slower than my fastest time with three quarters of a deck (2:02 min)!

Anyway, here's the video for three quarters of a deck.

Moving up to a full deck!!!

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