Monday, August 12, 2013

Reddit CEO Challenge. Eat nothing but burritos for two weeks.

This challenge was issued by Reddit CEO, /u/yishan, in the subreddit, /r/GoForGold. The challenge is to eat nothing but burritos for a minimum of two weeks.

This does not count.
  1. I may eat as many or as few burritos as I wish in a given day.
  2. All solid food must be a burrito.
  3. It must be a real burrito, not just arbitrary food in a tortilla.
  4. Any beverages are allowed.
  5. Also, I must blog about this experience daily, including the video of me eating the burritos.
  6. At least one other friend must attest that I adhered to the rules of the challenge.

  1.  Reddit CEO, /u/yishan, will personally award one month of reddit gold for each day of burrito-only diet that I successfully accomplish, once I complete at least 14 days of burrito-only diet (e.g. if I only get to 13 days and quit, I get nothing).
  2. This gold will not come from reddit's coffers; he will personally pay for it himself.
  3. Yes, I can earn over a year of gold by completing this challenge - and more if I go for longer. 
  4. Other spectators may pledge gold too, at their discretion.

Today is day one and since I have no burritos, I guess I'm going hungry until I can go shopping later.

Wish me luck!

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