Friday, August 30, 2013

Two Week Burrito Challenge: Day 19

Day 19.

What am I doing? I've just... I've got so many tortillas. Like a whole head of lettuce still. None of it seems to be going away because all of our cooking whatnot is packed up. We've been getting a lot of fast food. Were moving into a temporary spot tomorrow. Gonna cook up some real burritos before the food goes bad.

Today I was at work. I had almost resolved to just eat whatever they served and put this thing to bed.

We had burritos...

Tortilla. Corn. Cheese. Salsa. Sour cream. Hot sauce. Beans.

The universe itself seems to spur me on! To what end, I know not!

Still, I have no idea when I will be able to cook my own food again, and if I'm going to be eating out, it might as well be burritos. Practicality almost demands I continue. 

Supplies are abundant.

I want for nothing.

I am well fed.

The horror...

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