Friday, August 23, 2013

Two Week Burrito Challenge: Day 11

This one is going to be quick because it's 1 am and in 5 hours I start a 16 hour shift.

I only had one meal again today, but boy howdy was it a good one. Sure filled me up.

I went to Rancherita's in Provo, UT. It's amazing. It's one of those places that serves up all their food in Styrofoam containers and they have that amazing hot sauce in the tiny, clear containers. I know you've seen places like this. They're everywhere and they're always named after some person.

Back in the Bay Area we had Adalberto's, Alejandro's, Baldo's and hundreds more. Here in Utah, I've seen Juanita's, Beto's, Rancherita's. I think the only exception to this pattern I've ever seen was La Charrita in Fairfield, CA.

Anyway, I love these places.

Had a Shrimp Burrito and, of course, a whole mess of Horchata. Should have asked for more of that salsa. Why do they even come in containers that size? They know I want more!

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