Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Week Burrito Challenge: Day 10

So I woke up today and went straight to work. I had to clock in early to cover for someone who had to take off. So I didn't eat for most of the day. No breakfast. No lunch. I worked from 2 pm to 10 pm, clocked out and heated up some of my microwavable burritos.

I've been eating two per evening shift, and this is my second week on the same box. I still have another box at home. I'm starting to think I'll keep going after the required 14 days simply because I overstocked and I'll still have all these burritos lying around.

Anyway, here's dinner.

What's more nutritious? The burritos or the paper towel?

And the required video.

I filled up on a lot of water today. I'm thinking if I go another two weeks, I'll probably just pig out on the rest of my microwave burritos and then start bringing burritos to work. I already have a few ideas for making these burritos healthier, but I don't want to go shopping again until I use up what I have, and I went shopping for two weeks. I think my goal for the second two weeks would be to apply all the stuff I've learned this time around and try to figure out a viable, long-term, 100% burrito diet.

Might not be possible, but I'm curious now...

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